Team MoonPi


NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition challenges university-level students to design and build a mining robot that can traverse the challenging simulated Martian terrain. The mining robot must then excavate the ice simulant (gravel) and return the excavated mass for deposit into the collector bin to simulate an off-world, in-situ resource mining mission.

The complexities of the challenge include the abrasive characteristics of the regolith simulant, the weight and size limitations of the mining robot and the ability to tele-operate it from a remote Mission Control Center. The robot can also complete the competition tasks fully autonomously.

Moon Pi


  • Award winning Variable Geometry Excavation Mechanism.
  • Partially deformable rover wheels.
  • Moog Animatics Smart Motors.
  • Custom electromechanical control circuitry.
  • Odroid Xu4 for vision processing and localization.