Team Raven

Concept of Operations

A small autonomous air vehicle must interact and guide autonomous ground vehicles in a large indoor area. This drone must also sense and avoid a competitor's air vehicle which will be attempting the same task.


The 7th Mission of the AUVSI International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) is currently being held on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology located in Atlanta, Georgia. The competitors in the inaugural year were Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, California State University, Old Dominion University, Oregon State University, Pima Community College, Southern Polytechnic State University, University of Central Florida, and University of Michigan.

Mission 7 is the most challenging IARC mission to date. No aerial robot exists which can presently perform the behaviours required by this mission statement, however as with all past missions, the Organizer, Judges, and Staff fully expect a university team to meet this challenge within the space of several years, thereby again advancing the state-of-the-art in aerial robotics.



  • QAV500 V2 Quadcopter Platform
    • SunnySky Brushless 580kV Motor
    • Castlegate ESC's
    • 12x3.85 propellers
  • Pixhawk Autopilot
  • Odroid XU:
    • ROS Jade
    • Python 2.7
    • OpenCV 3.0
  • Sensing:
    • PX4Flow
    • LiDAR-Lite
    • Logitech HD Webcams
  • Energy Source: 4cell Li-Po Battery